I miss these goofballs.
I miss these goofballs.

Frequently Asked Questions from the people of Brazil

  1. Do you miss your family?

Duh. And now that I’m thinking about it I miss them more.

  1. Do you like the United States or Brazil more?

How do you want me to answer that without being insulting?

  1. What do you like more: American food or Brazilian food?

Again, not sure how to answer that without being insulting. I am tired of beans and rice every day, though.

  1. Why are all Americans fat?


Do I look fat to you?

  1. Do you think Donald Trump will be president?

I hope not.

  1. Why did you choose to come to Brazil if you could have gone anywhere else in the world?

Apparently most Brazilians don’t see the appeal to their own country.

  1. You’re from the United States? Which part – California, New York, or Orlando?

None of the above.

  1. Is high school really like High School Musical or Teen Wolf?

It’s not generally the habit of American high schoolers to break out in song during their lunch break or turn into werewolves.

  1. Is that your natural hair and eye color?


  1. How do you survive when it’s cold and when it snows?

Winter coats are wonderful things.

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  1. Glad you’re having a great trip and folks are interested in knowing more about America. It’s truly the greatest place on earth and we all should realize how lucky we are to have been born here. Gmom and I are currently down in Florida, getting out of the the winter weather and enjoying the sunshine. We are working on trying to sell our condo and if we do, we will rent John’s condo for next year. Maybe if you schedule permits, you could come to Richmond to visit this summer. Miss and love you and hope to see you soon….Gdad and Gmom…

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