Exchange Students Support World Peace

One of the long lasting objectives of Rotary Youth Exchange, and any exchange program in general, is world peace. If you personally know someone from Poland, you aren’t as likely to encourage your government to go to war against Poland. (These are just hypothetical situations here, I don’t actually want to go to war against Poland.)

Obviously, this is a very idealistic point of view and aim, but it is also one that I agree with whole heartedly. Every country is different. Every country has its weaknesses and strengths. I don’t believe there is one country that is truly better than every other country. Suffice to say I don’t think it is good or moral to kill people over differences.

Differences are what make us great. Scientifically speaking, without the introduction of different genes and different mutations, species would die off from inbreeding. The world wouldn’t be able to exist without differences.


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