New Friends and a New School

Hello, everyone! So far so good. Soon I’m going to my very first day of Portuguese school, so I’ll keep this short.

Yesterday, I woke up late, and then I had a little breakfast with Virna. So far, I am eating a lot of fruit, especially papaya (mamão). All the fruit is so good here since it is fresh! It reminds me of Mexico, except no Mangos yet (sad face – hi Paige!).

Last night was the birthday party of one of the other Rotary inbounds. Her name is Veera and she is from Finland (not French, like me and Virna thought). I met all of the other Rotary Inbounds at the party, and we are a sum total of eight.

Me – America

Haven – America (California)

Veera – Finland

Eric – Finland

Jeanne – France

Pierre – Belgium

Chen – Taiwan

Chiara – Germany

It seems like we are all best friends already and I have known them for only one day. We ate and talked and laughed and walked around together. We walked around the neighborhood together and picked coconuts off of the trees and broke them open and drank the water and ate the meat. We all gave Veera presents and she was very emotional because we have only known each other for a short time, but still we gave her gifts.

English is the common language between all of us, and so we will be speaking English together until we all speak enough Portuguese to get by. They all speak more Portuguese than I do since most of them have been here for a month already while I arrived on Sunday. I also felt kind of weird since everyone there knew all about American politics and about the country etc. while I knew almost nothing about their countries. Veera asked me what I was going to do if Trump got elected. They all don’t want Trump to be the president as much as I do. I will see them again today at Portuguese school!

Today, I went to my school with Virna to complete my enrollment. I start tomorrow. I met my class and I am with Chen and Jeanne which I am very happy about. I felt like I met every single person on the campus. The dean, a lot of teachers, and more more more. My school is called Henrique Castriciano. On my guarantee form, it says my school is Escola Domestica do Natal, and when I told the other inbounds that last night they told me to ask my host mom if I could go to Henrique Castriciano because Escola Domestica is an all girls’ school and is very traditional. However, it shares a campus with Henrique Castriciano. I asked Virna about it, and she said that it only says on my guarantee form that I’m going to Escola Domestic for some weird reason that I am unsure of, but in reality I’m going to Henrique Castriciano. That makes me very happy!



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  1. Thanks for the info. Sounds perfect, or almost perfect. Please keep these messages coming because we eat them up.

    I have a question: Why do you want Trump to be president?

  2. Glad to hear you’re making friends. Post photos please. We miss you! Also glad you’re not going to be in training to be a domestica.

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