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Me and Abi
Me and Abi

I am beyond being super excited right now because I have been Facebook stalking (as I usually do) and I found all of these Rotary Youth Exchange 2015-2016 groups (that’s me!!!) so I just thought I would share since I’ve been trying to be better about posting regularly to my blog.

Hi, world.

I have found a girl, thanks to these groups, who lives in British Columbia, Canada, who is going to District 4500 in Brazil, and is going to live an hour away from Natal, the city that I will be going to. So you betcha that I’m going to meet her in person.

I have been informed that it is really the new exchange students that you meet on your adventure that make the experience. I don’t doubt this at all. Abi, an exchange student with Rotary from Argentina whom we hosted just recently, has amazing friends just because of Rotary. I am more than slightly jealous of her. However, I know that this will be me in a few short months.

It started tonight, when I went Facebook crazy. I have met at least one girl from my district. I have been messaging with a girl who lives in my host district that is the goddaughter of my host mom. Her name is Eduarda, and she is going to Finland with Rotary next year.

It is amazing what technology can do.

Also, the friends don’t start in Brazil. I am friends with so many amazing exchange students that are living here in Colorado. We don’t really connect all that well since I can’t begin to understand their experiences yet. I will soon enough.

There are also the group of kids that have been selected from my district to go on exchange and represent District 5450 of Rotary International Youth Exchange. They are amazing people. I really can’t wait to see where our adventures take us.

But first, I have to get my visa.

Outbound Rotary Exchange Students from District 5450



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