Tricking Out a CGM Sensor – MiniMed Enlite

Hey guys. I’ve said this recently, but I now am using Medtronic’s latest insulin pump – the MiniMed 530G with Enlite. The main reason that I got it was because my warranty had expired on my old pump, and also because this pump had a more accurate sensor.

To clarify, my old pump used the Sof-Sensor, and now this pump uses Enlite.

So with the Sof-Sensor, I got pretty good at tricking it out. For instance, it had only been approved by the FDA to wear for three days, which is not ideal when they are so freaking expensive. I found that I could get about a week of accurate number readings until I had to pull it out. I still hated the thing, mostly because of the RIDICULOUSLY HUGE NEEDLE. I’m not squeamish, but really?

Trying to remove the adhesive of the Enlite sensor.
Trying to remove the adhesive of the Enlite sensor.

Now that I’m on to the Enlite sensor, I’m trying to figure out if it is possible to trick out this one as well. I haven’t been successful yet. I know it is theoretically possible, but the battery of the clamshell portion of the sensor (the monitor that beams readings to the pump) is only supposed to last for a week and the whole thing is taped down so well and is so adhesive that in my attempts to remove the clamshell without ripping out the needle have so far been unsuccessful. The first time I tried I felt like I was doing aerobics that didn’t have the desired result.

The reason I haven’t just tricked it out without bothering to recharge the clamshell is because I’m worried that will have just as much as an undesired result by losing battery. But maybe I’ll try that next time anyways.

I’ve heard really good things about being able to trick out the Dexcom sensor for weeks while maintaining accurate readings, but I don’t have the Dexcom.

Tricking out the Enlite CGM
This is harder than I thought it would be!

Has anyone else been successful in tricking out the Enlite? If so, I would love to hear how you did it!

Thanks for reading!

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