Of Prom and Pumps

Hi guys! Long time no see, err, write! So guess what! I finally finished AP exams, and I really only have two classes to worry about right now, except that I’m not worried because those classes are fine. It’s chemistry and Algebra II. Chemistry can be tricky, but I’m doing fine. But that’s really not what I want to talk about tonight (see title).

Prom was on Saturday! It was really cool to be able to go, because as I’m sure pretty much everyone knows, it’s like the iconic high school dance. But the whole question with prom was: How does managing diabetes fit in?

DSC05230I got a dress that is had some artful wrinkles so my pump would be hidden under my dress. I think I succceeded. My dad said you could only tell that it was there if you looked for it. I also wore shorts underneath my dress so I had something to clip my pump onto.

My group went to P.F. Chang’s for dinner. My plan was to go to the bathroom whenever I needed to bolus (because it’s pretty awkward to hike your floor-length gown up to your waist for any reason, no matter how good it is), and it worked because I didn’t have one high blood sugar. I’m actually pretty proud of that. Also, everyone knew what I was doing when I went to the bathroom, so everything worked out pretty nicely. Oh, and story! There was this three or four year old kid who was sitting at a table that was next to ours, and he kept on staring at us. We noticed but didn’t really say anything. But then his mom and him came up to us, and the mom told us that the little kid thought that we were princesses and to tell him that we were. So I told him, “Yes, we’re princesses, and these are the princes, and we’re going to the ball.” The kid’s face was priceless. His mouth was wide open and he stared at us in complete surprise and shock. He totally believed it, and his parents had to drag him away. He was so cute! He kept coming back to observe the “princesses.” It was awesome.

I did get low during prom, but they had a bar so instead of having the smarties that I brought, I got a Sprite. Haven’t had one of those in a while. Shame that I didn’t really get to enjoy it. DSC05241

And After Prom was a ton of fun too – my boyfriend and I basically just played Texas Hold’em the whole night and got Henna tattoos and ate smoothies and pizza. It turns out that it’s a thing to dress down for After Prom (like sweats and t-shirts dressed down) which Conner (my boyfriend) and I were unaware of, but we went home first and changed so we didn’t stick out. Good thing, too.

Well, that’s prom for your! I can’t wait until next year because it was a ton of fun! If you went to your prom, tell me your stories and how you managed diabetes with it! Either comment or email me.

Lots of love and talk to you soon!

Claire Montgomery

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  1. I’m glad you wrote about this, Claire. Funny story about the kid who was all absorbed with the princesses and the princes. I think a lot of young women worry about the pump problem with all the tight-fitting styles in evening wear. It sounds like you have a pretty good system down that might even work for less fancy affairs. I’d love to know whether anyone else out there has other ideas. You are brave for opening up a topic that is personal but I am sure SUPER interesting to a lot of people who have diabetes.

  2. I think diabetic boys have it much easier. It is so much more complicated for girls because of what you wear.

    Nice job on this post.

  3. Hi Claire–this was fun to read. I’d kind of like to see you trying to hike your long dress up under the table so you could bolus. Or someone could stick their hand down the back of your dress, grab the pump and pull it out to give to you. Might look weird though. I think the bathroom idea was a good one.
    You were beautiful that night!

  4. Claire, Loved the story about the prom and the “princess” tale, too. Well written, informing, and entertaining. Surprised you are so good at story-telling when no one else in your family tells stories.-Doug Brown

  5. you were beautiful; glad you had a great time…..love you, Gmom and Gdad…..

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