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My lacrosse photo from the 2013 season.
My lacrosse photo from the 2013 season.

So lacrosse season has just started, and needless to say, I haven’t quite figured out how to manage my blood sugars while exercising. I went to the gym a few months ago and I was low before I even got there so I didn’t get much running in.

Last year I during the lacrosse season I was constantly low, and this year who know what it’s going to be like. It seems to change on a day to day basis. Sometimes I go high, sometimes I go low, and I’m never consistent. That’s what I know about exercise.

Sometimes I wish that I could just be normal girl and just worry about what team I’m going to make (JV by the way) and how to shoot accurate balls that make it past the goalie instead of Am I shaky because I’m low or just because I’ve been running around for the past hour and Should I bolus for this high blood sugar or will lacrosse practice make me drop?

But normal I am not. Not that anyone is normal, but I’m the only Type 1 diabetic on my team. Last year I told every girl on my team that I had diabetes and if they could look out for me while we were playing just in case something happened. One girl actually took to carrying around smarties for me. I haven’t really had an opportunity to do so this year and I’m wondering when the best opportunity to do so will be. My coach is really cool though so he knows about it and trusts me to take care of myself.

Our first game is on Friday, and I’m sort of nervous, especially because it just snowed, so we will be practicing in the gym today. That really isn’t the best place to practice lacrosse, in case you were wondering. But we’ll see how my blood sugars are after practice today.

See ya!

Claire Montgomery

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