Fan Mail: Sophie

I’ve said before that I really like it when people email me. This email is a little different because it comes from someone who isn’t a diabetic. But personally, it makes the email so much cooler. It’s actually nice to have people trying to learn about diabetes, instead on just assuming something and then taking their assumptions as gospel. Props to Sophie!

Hey, Claire!

I was just reading your blog and think it’s so cool that you are sharing with others what it is like to have diabetes. I love how you write from such an honest, relatable point of view.

I don’t have diabetes, and I can’t completely sympathize, but I realize the hardship of it, and how other people are so uneducated about the topic.

It’s really amazing how honest your point of view, and I think your stories and advice will help hundreds of thousands of kids. You are an inspiration to not only people with diabetes, but also people without diabetes. Your blog has opened my eyes to diabetes and all the experiences that come along with it…

You are an inspiration! Hope to talk to you soon. 🙂

-Sophie 🙂

Sophie, you are awesome, and thanks for emailing me!

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