My Closet is a Pharmacy


So before I had the pump we used to shove all of my diabetes supplies in this one cabinet in the kitchen. And it didn’t really work out to well because it was just messy and cramped and unorganized and you couldn’t find anything. It came to the point where I was finding my supplies, and then shutting the door real fast so nothing would fall out. Basically what I would call a mess.

So a while ago I got tired of having all of my diabetes supplies fall out of the cabinet whenever I needed anything, and also I couldn’t fit anything else into the cabinet anymore. So I decided to move everything into my closet. And it turned out to be a really good idea.

Now everything is organized, and I have enough space. And I also get to freak my friends out whenever we look at clothes. And now my closet is no longer a closet, it’s a pharmacy. Which is awesome. Not many people get bragging rights over having a real pharmacy (well, real in my mind) in their CLOSET. Nope. So far I am the only person I know who calls the location of where they keep diabetes stuff a pharmacy. And that makes me awesome. To me at least.

So how do you store your diabetes things? Share your thoughts by commenting.


Claire Montgomery
Type 1 Diabetic, Teenage Pharmacist

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