I Have Low Blood Sugars When I Ski

Who knew.

So after a couple of weekends of taking ski lessons at Copper Mountain I’ve deduced that I always end up in my 20s after my first run. And being 20 mg/dl is just scary. And my goal is not to have Ski Patrol come rescue me (even my mom says that they are hot). So what do you do? I hate being high, and I hate being low. But at this point in time I am guessing that I should send myself high in order not to go low. Any suggestions?

I already carry candy in my pocket: jelly beans and Smarties. The first time that I was low and skiing my dad freaked out so now whenever I go skiing my pockets are weighted down like I’m carrying a bowling ball or something. Which brings me to my next point.

For all you skiers, always bring something with you. That really should be common sense, but I just want to get out there so I can say that I’ve said it. I carry candy, my lunch, my tester, an extra lancet, and a shot with me. All in my pockets. But seriously, if you need something on the mountain, you wont be sorry that you had all of that stuff with you.

For example, one time during our ski lessons we skied down to the bottom of Resolution bowl on Copper Mountain. For those of you who don’t know, Resolution is the only lift were you aren’t at a base, or can’t ski down to a base. So if the mountain looses power, you’re stuck. And guess what? Just as we got to the bottom of Resolution, the whole entire mountain lost power! I know, right? CRAZY. And for some weird reason Copper decided that Resolution was going to use reserve power LAST. That’s right, LAST. So everyone else in the class was starving, but my brother and I had our lunches in our pocket, so we weren’t starving. I know that I wasn’t low, but what if I had been? That right there is a really good reason to have sugar with you right there.

So anyway. I’m asking for suggestions on what to do to stop being low on the mountain when I ski. Suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks!


Claire Montgomery
Type 1 diabetic, Diabetic blogger, Diabetic skier

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  1. Hey! im a ski instructor at Sunvalley ski resort in Idaho during the winter season, and i as well have diabetes! yee! I ski raced for years and my game plan then was to jack up my blood sugars because their is nothing worse then being in the starting gate and thinking about maybe getting low, half way down the course, or already being low and not realizing it because of the adrenaline. Usually this ended up fine because the physical activity of skiing combined with a really low amount of Lantus landed me right in the pocket of 200(ish) at the end of every race/training day. It all depends on the aggressiveness of your skiing i guess. But now that im just free skiing and teaching I just adjust my ratio a bit lower (a lot lower for powder days!!) and stuff my pockets with not only low type candy (skittle, smarties, etc) but i pack a cliff bar or two or a handfull of those little snickers bars, something a little higher on the glycemic index so i can keep my blood sugar up and not shoot it up super high. plus with the little ones you can eat one or two every lift ride, and not like a whole 4 gillion carb cliff bar. Anyway its still a work in progress for me too! ride hard! and i recommend the super steezy baggy ski pants, they have a much higher candy holding capacity!

    good luck!

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