Balancing Halloween Candy and Diabetes

Just because I’m a freshmen in high school doesn’t mean that I am going to stop Trick O’ Treating. I mean, what kid doesn’t like going out dressed as Dracula and getting about five pounds of candy because they had the nerve to wear fangs? I mean, I’m strongly for the idea myself.

And before you ask, yes, several first graders did stop my friends and I and informed us that we were “to old to go Trick O’ Treating”. Honestly.

So basically the whole point of Trick O’ Treating is to go out and get as much candy as possible. And we all know that candy is a diabetic’s best friend, right? Right.

A lot of solutions that kids come up with is to sell their candy to their parents. And that’s actually pretty popular with our non-diabetics also. I tried the selling method for my first Halloween with diabetes, and it didn’t exactly work. I ended up selling the candy I didn’t like to my parents and kept and ate approximately nine tenths of that year’s haul. So selling candy doesn’t really work with me. I like it too much.

If you are like me, and go down the “eat all of your candy” path, then there isn’t a whole ton that I can say to you. BUT:

If possible, DO remember to bolus/take shot for candy, or you will set yourself on a high blood sugar roller coaster that will mess your whole day up. Trust me, I speak from experience. Not fun. It is just so much easier to take a little pain for some sugar, and not have one of those horrible days that just suck. Those days are the worst part (in my opinion) about having diabetes.

So just be a wise candy eater is all I’m saying. Cheers!


Claire Montgomery
Type 1 Diabetic, Extensive Bolus-Wizard User, Awesome Black-Belt/Ninja

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Claire! You’re right: there’s no reason to give up candy if you like it! When i was younger, we trick or treated even through the first couple years of high school. I usually held on to some candy, but just gave it away or put it out for “community candy” at school afterward. Now as an adult, we dress up and stay home and just love seeing all the kids of any ages coming to the door. We even dress the dog up. And yes… I usually find myself munching on candy constantly through the night. Even with bolusing, I end up higher thanks to my totally-not-accurate SWAG’n. At least it’s only once a year… :))

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