I’m a Human Pincushion: Needles ‘N Things

A Teenage Diabetic Tests her Blood SugarIn which people ask me if it hurts to stick a needle into my finger.

The first thing that everyone asks me when they first see me testing is if it hurts. I find this to be very weird. I don’t know why, but I do.

And I never know how to answer. My answer varies from time to time. Currently its, “Oh, you get used to it.” I mean, I suppose sticking a needle into your finger does hurt, but I really don’t feel it any more. It’s just a norm for me.

And that’s the same with pump sets. I use the Medtronic Silhouette pump sets for my stomach. That’s where you have to actually stick a very long needle into yourself because the inserter doesn’t get the angle right. It’s a shallow angle, but you still have to stick a freakin’ needle into your body!!Silhouette pump sets for Diabetes
For my butt, I use the Medtronic Quick Set. This is much less stressful because I use the little blue inserter thingy, but still, an actual needle does go into my body.
Point taken about the pump sets, people ask me if it hurts then, also. And there, also, I don’t know how to answer. I mean, I suppose it does, and sometimes more than others, but is it really pain if you’re completely used to it?

Needles are just a second nature to us diabetics.

And that brings me to a HUGE pet peeve of mine: People who say that they can’t stand needles.

Even my best friend says this. “Oh, I can’t stand needles. I’d, like, die, if I ever got Diabetes.” I¬†absolutely HATE that. My first reaction is to think, “Well, honey, I’d rather get shots and poked instead of die a very long and painful death.” And for people who faint when encountering a needle: bah!!

Dad got his blood drawn for some diabetes tests by two diabetics. The test was at my diabetes camp, and not really private. So there were maybe sixty or so other diabetics in the room, and his two diabetic blood drawers. You can take this numbing cream if you want, but because Dad was with these two diabetics, and with all those people in the room, he didn’t take it to try to look all tough. I mean, it doesn’t hurt that bad, but when your surrounded by people who get poked daily, you can’t cry. Me? I laughed.

And an interesting piece of information, people can’t stand watching me give myself a set change, but they love to watch me poke myself. Odd, eh?


Claire Montgomery
Type 1 Diabetic, Diabetic Self Pump Set Inserter, Human Pincushion

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  1. That was funny at camp. One detail: i knew one of the guys who was drawing my blood from hockey. He is also a diabetic and knows what you know. So he really played it up trying to scare me about the needle. There was NO way I was gonna be anything but very cool with all of you experienced needle folks around. No way!

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