How To Cure High Blood Sugars

Ok, not cure.  But it works.

I figured out this helpful tip a couple of nights ago.

For me, when I’m high, I feel horrible. I don’t really know how to describe it, but I’ll try. I will have a bad taste in my mouth, my whole body feels like it’s up there. Thats the best I can do. I think every diabetic has problems explaining how it feels to be high. I know I do.

Anyway, a couple of nights ago I woke up at about 3 o’ clock in the morning. My blood sugar was 300. I got up and  gave myself a new site because my current one itched. Then I bolused. After that I brushed my teeth. And I discovered something miraculous. That bad feeling that I get in my mouth when I’m high, it disappeared! Not all of my high symptoms disappeared, but that one did! Wow!A Diabetic Brushes her Teeth

So I thought that I would just tell everyone! It makes me happy to know that there is at least one way to help reduce symptoms instead of waiting an hour for your insulin to kick in. Yes! Quite an achievement.


Claire Montgomery
Type 1 Diabetic, Blood Sugar Tester, Tooth Brusher

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