A Diabetic Viking

In which we talk about Diabetes but the teacher ignores my thoughts.

When I was in 6th grade my Social Studies class learned about the Vikings. These are some of the things that my class mates and I discovered about Vikings. They had awesome ships that were good out in the ocean and in rivers. That they looted a lot of towns. And that many English words come from them, including “Son” and “Berserk”.

You see, the Vikings had a group of absolutely crazy men who could seem to defeat anything. These men were called Berserkers. (Hence the word “berserk”.)  So my Social Studies teacher, Mrs. N., told us that historians now think that these Berserkers were so good at fighting and so crazy because they had some certain diseases. Diseases like Diabetes.

Then Mrs. N. and the rest of the class started to try to figure out examples of people today who had Diabetes. There was a wide speculation and I sat there trying not to laugh. My friend Sofie was sitting next to me grinning. She glances over at me and winks.

“Oh! Oh! I know! That Broncos Quarterback! Jay Cutler! He has Diabetes!” says Mrs. N.

At this point I decide to take some action. I raise my hand and say, “I have diabetes.” Mrs. Nelson keeps talking, and completely ignoring me. However, more than half the class turn around. But my teacher continues to ignore me. Sofie and I both crack up laughing.

Thankfully, the bell wrings so we don’t get in trouble.

Personally, I think that this story is hilarious. I don’t know if my teacher didn’t hear me, but she knew I had diabetes. But really, I guess I don’t mind that she didn’t hear me or whatever, because now I have a hilarious story. Which is just as good.


Claire Montgomery
Type 1 Diabetic, Story Teller With Diabetes, Ignored Teenager

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  1. Claire – you are a woman Viking! Just like the historical Vikings, you are on a voyage of discovery in Mexico. But hopefully you will not go to berserk while you are there! Love reading your posts, you are a great writer and your stories are hilarious.

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