Watch Your Blood Sugar in the Water

People don’t tend to notice their lows in the water, so be sure to be careful about it.

That’s what my trainer said two days after I was diagnosed with diabetes. But usually I go high instead of low while exercising. And then it all began to change.

The first time I noticed that I was low while swimming wasn’t a result of swimming. I was low before swim team and wouldn’t come up. Even during dinner I wouldn’t come up. First I had a juice before dinner. Then I ate dinner. Then I had some smarties. Then I had another juice. Then I started to swim during practice. I checked again and I was 80. So I had another juice. And then, finally, I was fine. But it took maybe forty five minutes.Swimming With Diabetes

The next morning we biked to swim team. After swimming my mom made me test even though I felt fine. And I was 56. My mom called my dad and he came and picked me up. Luckily I had some smarties with me. When I got into the car I overheard my mom telling my dad that at the end I was only going fast enough to stay afloat. And that’s why she made me test.

In the next couple of practices I was fine. But one morning after practice my brother and sister convinced my dad to go get doughnuts afterwords at Safeway. When we got to Safeway, we were holding my doughnuts and in line to pay when I tested my blood sugar. I was 45. It was sort of a funny scene, we were paying and I was devouring my doughnut. “Three doughnuts,” my dad said. He looked over at me. “Well, two doughnuts, actually. Her doughnuts on her face. I meant that the crumbs were on her face. Do I know you?” The cashier laughed, and we payed for three doughnuts and left.Managing Low Blood Sugars While Swimming With Diabetes

At my next swim meat I was 200 after my first event. So I corrected. After my fourth event I was 460. After my fifth I was 450. So I guess you go high at swim meets.

I’m just putting this out there to say that diabetics should watch their blood sugar in the water. Because if you don’t, some nasty situations could come up.

Claire Montgomery
Type 1 Diabetic, Independent Pumper, Doughnut Stealer

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  1. Hey there Claire – another great article on the challenges of managing diabetes for a high performance athlete! Now that you are on your great adventure, the lessons can be applied as well. Plus, donuts are excellent and yummy. Keep your spirits up and we look forward to more postings! Love from the Toures, Tammy Alassane and Jamilah

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