Ti Kwon Do and Diabetes

Here is a story I think people might enjoy. I like it because it’s funny and it shows how little people know about diabetes.

Maybe a month or so after I was diagnosed with diabetes, I went back to a sport that I loved: Ti Kwon Do.

During the car ride to the studio my dad informed me that we were going to tell my instructors about my having diabetes so they could look out for me. I don’t remember being exactly thrilled with that idea but I went ahead with the idea.

Dad pulled over Mr. Azir and said, “Claire has something she’d like to tell you.” Then they both looked at me with expectant expressions on their faces.

Ti Kwon Do and Diabetes
The summer before I was diagnosed.

“Um, well…” I said, ” I have diabetes.” Then I looked at Dad with a No way am I doing anymore talking, why don’t you? look on my face.

So my dad said something like “Yeah, so here’s what’s going on…” and most likely filled Mr. Azir in. I just don’t really remember.

Mr. Azir perked right up and said, “Don’t worry honey, it happens to all of us.” Now, sorry for interrupting but I mean, come on! It happens to all of us. I have grandparents and great grandparents who have never had diabetes. Don’t try to sound like you know what your talking about when you really have no idea.

Anyway, my dad and I feign interest and nod politely. Mr. Azir continues. “Oh, and yeah! I think my mom might have had it. Or maybe it was my dad. Hmm…” He strokes his chin and stares off into space looking bewildered. Now let me interrupt again. How would you not know which parent has a serious illness? A serious illness that would be pretty darn had to ignore?

“Did they take shots everyday?” Dad politely inquires.


“Then they must have had type 2 diabetes,” my dad announces.

“Yah, that must be it. But, yes, I will definitely look out for Claire.” Mr. Azir and my dad shake hands, and then my dad turns to look at me incredulously.

Claire Montgomery
Type 1 Diabetic, Independent Pumper, Knower That Adults are Silly

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  1. Hey Claire, what an amazing writer you are! I love that you can find the humor in the ridiculousness and cluelessness of so many folks. Your Tae Kwon Do coach reminds me of my swim coach in college — no matter what you had, he’d say, “I had that, and I swam through it.” Bronchitis? Swam through it. Sprained ankle? Swam through it. I kept wanting to claim pregnancy and see what he’d say…
    You’re a rock star! Keep writing and we’ll keep reading. Thanks for doing this blog!

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