CGM – My adventures with a Continuous Glucose Moniter

Three days ago I got a new pump: a CGM.

I already had had the Mini-Med Pump for about a month but two days ago we went to the class about the actual Continuous Glucose Monitor. The class was SUPER long but it was worth it because yesterday it started to read my numbers.

Of course, even though the numbers aren’t perfectly accurate, it is cool to say that right now my blood sugar is 251 and on the way up. I think my fingers are celebrating with me. Technically I only need to poke my fingers 3 times a day now but because I’m high I need to check the actual blood before I correct. That’s the GOOD news.

The BAD news is that now I have an extra needle sticking in me 24/7.

At the moment I really don’t care that I have bad news because my CGM is just so totally awesome! Graphs, checks my blood every 5 minutes, am I going up, am I going down?

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