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A Random Question

Welcome to random world.

Lets just say that you were in high school. And lets just say that you happened to be obsessed with Harry Potter. Oh, hello, that’s me.

If I started a quidditch club, would you join? Trust me, it’s real. Like, muggles, or non-magical people can play quidditch. Look it up. I’m not kidding.

But lets just say that I started a quidditch club in my high school, would you join? I need some incentive to do it. So do comment. :)

And for those of you who are confused, think Harry Potter.


Welcome back, everyone! It feels like I haven’t blogged in FOREVER. Well, I hope to fix that. I can explain my absence in some part, though. If you’ve been following my blog, then you might know that I moved to Mexico for a year. And I just got back to my home in Colorado. I got back the day before yesterday. If you want more info on my so called “Adventure to Mexico”, my family has a blog about it.

Now that Summer is finally here (for me, anyway), I’ve got some stuff that I like to call time. Time to have the perfect A1C. Time to start up my CGM again. Time to exercise¬† a ton.

So that’s what I did. I started my CGM back up about two weeks ago, and I’ve¬† remembered how much I LOVE IT. So if you don’t have a CGM, your missing out, in my opinion. But if you don’t want one, that’s your choice. I’m not going to try to convince you to get one, because it’s your choice. Though I am in love with mine.

So it’s summer!!! WOOT WOOT!! I don’t really know what to say that’s diabetes related, but, hey! Whatever. I need some time to just relax and hang out. Not think about important things like diabetes. And post random blog posts, like this one, which seem to have a direction at first, but then just go on rambling. But at this point, I don’t care.

Have you guys seen the new Harry Potter movie yet? Did you totally love it? Are you sad that the series is over? (RANDOM.)

Sooooooo…… Happy Summer!! Yay! Go to the pool! Get sun burned! Bolus, or at some party or something, you’ll go high!

And thanks for reading!


Claire Montgomery