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I have been selected to go to Brazil through Rotary Youth Exchange. I will be using this blog primarily to give my family, friends, and anyone else who wishes to read my blog a way to keep themselves updated on my adventures in Brazil. Thanks, and I hope you continue to read up on my life!


I figured I would update. As I have now grown, so it would be weird to say that I am an eighth grader when in fact I am not.

My name is Claire. I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes on March 6, 2007. Diabetes doesn’t define my life, but it is a definitely a huge part of it. I would like to be able to say that I have had perfect management and control over this disease, except that would be a lie.

I try to keep a positive outlook about the way diabetes affects my life, and I’ve decided to share it with the world. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I guess that’s what I have been working to portray. I don’t want to join the group of people complaining about diabetes, so I try to show the small victories that come along with the disease. And then I blog about them. I hope that comes across in my posts.

I hope you take the chance to get to know me though my articles, and happy reading!


4 thoughts on “What Is This Site All About?

  1. Hi Claire,
    I think you rock!!! You are an inspiration to me and many others. I have a degree in nutrition and have the honor to speak with diabetic support groups. Although I personally do not have Diabetes I have family members that do.

    I will be speaking to 150 people to inspire and motivate them to take charge of living with Diabetes. Would you mind if I share some of your blogs? Your spirit and determination shines through your blogs. I would also like to provide them your web site. Would that be okay?

    I love the way you are honest with your feelings. I am very proud that you name and claim your feelings so that you can deal with them. You provide valuable information. I think you also provide affirmation to others that probably feel the same way you do, “hey I am not the only one who feels diabetes is “crappy”. You also provide insight to those that do not have Diabetes on not saying stupid things. LOL

    You are extremely talented in writing and I sure could see a book in your future of your blogs that would inspire and encourage other diabetic teens, kids and families. In fact I think many adults would be inspired to read your blogs. If I had a crystal ball, I see Claire Montgomery being the young lady that helps others deal with what it is like to be a diabetic. In fact, I think you have a gift teaching others about Diabetes. I also appreciate your positive attitude, your gift of humor and your honesty.

    You know Claire, you not only help yourself by sharing your feelings, I strongly believe that you touch many lives.

    I will continue to follow your blogs. Keep Shining Claire! Thank you for letting me whom you do not know brag on you. Wishing you all the best.


    PS The email address is my personal email.

  2. Dear Claire,
    How gratifying is it to know that you are not just writing to yourself and your family. It is pretty cool to get support from an outsider who thinks you are as great as your family does! I am so proud of you! I would be interested to know more about how you feel about living in Mexico with diabetes. I know you have written about it some but I bet that some of the things you think are just boring and normal would be interesting to the rest of us!

    Have a great weekend! I love you!

    Aunt Beth

  3. Hey Claire,

    I have to say, your site(HA!) really makes me laugh. Two weeks from yesterday will be my “diadecaversary” or 10 year anniversary with diabetes, and the bloggers like you give me something to smile about. Keep writing, stay healthy, and keep fighting diabetes.

    While I’m thinking of it, you’ve talked about Kerri Sparling in the past, but have you read anything by Carey Potash? He’s a great writer too, I really enjoy reading both of them. :)

    Best, Jenna.

  4. Hey Claire (:

    I had to check out your website and it is absolutely amazing! I told my boyfriend to look at it because he has some troubles with his diabetes. Your blogs make me laugh! Especially the smartie spitter one (: I love it!
    I definately miss camp with you! I miss Ben’s lullabys!
    We need to meet up sometime!
    Love always!

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