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I got fan mail again! And as I’ve said before, I LOVE mail. I love it so much that I put it up onto my site. (That’s a hint.)

Many thanks to Aimee for sharing her story. 😀

Hi Clare! My name is Aimee! I’m 12 years old and obviously I’m and a type one diabetic! Some of my favorite things to do are rock climbing, acting, singing, playing my piano, and hanging out with my friends! I’m going to tell my story by months:

Finally its Spring Break and I’m super excited to go to the Dominican Republic! We finally land and boy is it hot! We go to the villa and get settled in. Each night I have a huge bottle of water next to bed, since we can’t drink tap water there, I stumble out of my room and walk to the kitchen. I get the water and head back to my room. Meanwhile about 6 times a night I get up to go to the bathroom. Later during the trip we go to the beach I’m one of my favorite bikinis and when I get out of the changing room my sister’s friend says: “Aimee, how are you skinny, its like your anorexic! I know you really aren’t but…” I seem sort of offended by it, not because she was being mean but because I didn’t realize how skinny I was getting, and I didn’t want to be 
“anorexic skinny”. By the time I’m back in school it’s April.

During gym and dance I’m extremely exhausted and feel like I can’t move anything after 5 minutes of exercising, but of course I can’t sit out because I don’t have an injury. Later in the month, our class takes a trip to the Guggenheim in NYC. While our tour guide is telling us about the museum, I start to drift off, almost fall asleep, and I can barely keep my eyes open. April 14, I go with my parents to see one of my favorite movies, Titanic. I drink probably 6 bottles of water during the movie and get up to use the bathroom, 6 or 7 times. At the end of the month my parents set up a doctor’s appointment for me in May.

My parents know there’s something wrong with me. I go the doctor’s Friday after my mom picks me up from school. Walking up the flight of stairs to the parking lot, I feel like I might collapse I get into the car and take a load off; just sitting down makes me feel better. We get to the doctors and they weigh me and tell me to pee in a cup. I’m sitting in the room waiting for my mom to say something Doctor Juan comes in speaking in a hushed tone so I can just understand what he’s saying. “Her blood glucose reading is 378 and we aren’t positive but we are 99.9% sure that she has type one diabetes. I start to cry, I can’t get a grip on what’s happening, what is this? Is it some sort of disease? Am I going to die? Will I still grow up like a normal girl? Can I eat my favorite foods? I would soon learn the answers to these questions. Doctor Juan sends us to the Yale New Haven Hospital ER. I sit and talk to the nurse for 30 min. or so, and one of them puts me on two of my IV drips, then I am taken to the ICU where I will stay for the night. The nurses are extremely kind and make me smile even though I’m still a little upset. The next day we are educated about type one diabetes and everything else we needed to know. Later in the afternoon I am removed from the ICU and taken to a regular hospital room. I stay there until Sunday and I learn about counting carbs and watch Soul Surfer maybe 10 times. Late Sunday morning I leave the hospital and go home. I know it will take some adjusting for me but I’m ready to go back to school.

On my first day back my parents come in with me to talk to the school nurse, the head of my middle school, and my teachers about my condition. I have told only my friend about it so far and I am anxious but also scared to tell my other best friend. In gym later that day I am sitting out because my health care team wants me to get used to everything else I am doing before I start physical activity again. Another girl in my class named Lily is sitting out because of a sports injury. She asks why I’m sitting out so naturally I tell her the whole story. I feel like I might have overwhelmed her a bit but it felt good to tell someone else. On Wednesday I talk to my homeroom teacher about telling my homeroom and the rest of my grade. I decide to tell them both on Friday at different times. Friday morning my teacher and I gather my homeroom and I tell them everything not leaving a single detail out. I feel more comfortable about it now that more people know. In the afternoon we gather my whole grade and I tell them too, I feel like crying and when I look at their faces I notice some of them are crying too. Once I finish speaking everyone gets up and hugs me, I didn’t realize how loved I was until now.

I have been doing shots for almost 4 months now and I hate them so much. They are the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. Sure they’re life saving, but I hate them. We have been trying to order my pump since July but the insurance company says we have to wait 6 months after the patient’s diagnosis that means I would have to wait until November but I really don’t want to do that. So together my diabetes team at Yale and my mom write letters to Aetna (insurance) on why I need the pump so desperately. And they agree! We order my pump Monday August 13th and it arrived just yesterday! (August 16) I got the One Touch Ping Pump by Animas: 
With the pump I get a meter remote the can tell my pump bolus and many other things. Unfortunately I have to wait to use it because the trainer needs to go to Yale and we need to be trained at Yale. But I still SUPER excited that its finally here and I can’t wait to use it!

I should go now because as I’m still on shots I have to eat my meals at a certain times and its BREAKFAST TIME!!! Yum my sister is making fried rice. I hope you enjoyed reading my letter and I hope to read some new blogs soon!

Aimee, Type 1 Diabetic, Injection User, Very Anxious to Use New Pump.

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9 thoughts on “Fan Mail: Aimee”

  1. That is so chill you mad this. When i met this i wouldnt even know you had diabetes. Kinda the same story as me. But instead of being diagnosed I was put in the hospital. I wish you luck for te rest of your life Peace Love and Happiness

  2. Amiee I love you so much,
    Even though I already knew I started crying because you are such an amazing wonderful and talented person. Diabeties runs in my family and my grandma has it. I just wanted to tell you that you are to good a person to let this ever take over you. You are smart, kind and wouldn’t hurt a fly. You are such a trooper. This has not stoped you a bit. You are so awesome and amazing and you better not let any of them tell you other wise. I love you so much and just being you, you have taught me to never give up. Sorry that I have never said it in person but it doesnt matter because whether its on paper or said out loud it means the same thing.
    Your friend,

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