Why The Continuous Glucose Monitor is Awesome

About a week ago I got the nicest note from a girl named Erin.

“Hi Claire I’m 10 and I just read your blog for the first time and really loved it. I liked reading about how you deal with diabetes. I saw the Harry potter movie and loved it too. I am sad that the series ended though. We have talked the CGM. I wasn’t that interested but am going to give it a second thought after reading about you liking it. I will keep checking your blog. thanks and have a nice summer. Erin”

Thing Number One: I told people that the CGM is awesome. And it is. But I decided to give all of those people who don’t have CGMs reasons why it is so awesome.

1. It charts your trends. You can go online and see that every Monday at nine you go to 180, and then you can adjust even for that very minor high.

2. It confirms your senses. Like when your feeling low and all that jazz. Thus making you feel more confident. Somebody once told me that the reason they didn’t want to get the CGM was because they thought that they would start to ignore their body. I find that to be the opposite. When I feel low, I look at my graphs, and I feel almost rewarded to see the double arrows going down. You have to do a finger stick to confirm, anyway.

3. If you have any arrows going up, but are still in range, and are about to eat lunch, you can give your self a wee bit extra insulin to compensate for you inevitable high.

4. Once you have your self under more control, you can give your fingers a break.

5. There’s the technology out there, so you might as well use it. It will help to keep you in range.

Thing Number 2: Don’t be afraid to contact me. I love it when you do. (Usually I dance and sing my head off and drive my parents crazy.) I also love comments. I also dance and sing when people comment on my blog. So I thought that I would just ask people (though hopefully I’m not being selfish!) to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment on my posts. I love it when you do; it really is the best part of my day when I get a comment. 🙂 And also, it helps me get found on Google. And my ultimate goal is to be part of a community (in this case, type 1 diabetes) that is so unique. And chances are, I’ll give you a feature in my blog like I did Erin.

So thanks for reading me and letting me ramble! And sorry if I came off as a bit pouty in my whole “contact me sales pitch”.


Claire Montgomery
Type 1 diabetic, diabetic blogger, CGM user