Don’t you love it?

And this is exactly my point. Don’t we spend too much of our time bad mouthing diabetes? It’s always, “Diabetes sucks” or “I hate diabetes” or “We need a cure”.

Okay, I agree that we need a cure, but is it really that bad? (No, I did not hit my head last night, just in case you’re wondering.) Whenever people talk about diabetes, the conversation is focused on how good your control is or how soon in the future can we expect a cure. Well, I’m tired of that. I think that diabetes is part of our life, and that we need to just deal with it. Which most of us do. But deal with diabetes, with a couple of good things to say about it. Are you up to it? I’ll go first.

1. Without diabetes, I would never have started blogging.

2. I go to an awesome camp every summer because of diabetes.

3. I’ve met some pretty cool people because of diabetes.

4. I have an awesome conversation starter.

5. Because of diabetes, I can eat candy in school.

Was that so hard? Now I challenge you to leave a comment with a good thing about diabetes.

I think that a cure would be great. But you might as well live with what you got.


Claire Montgomery
Type 1 Diabetic, diabetes blogger, happy diabetic


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  1. Claire, I really appreciate your posts. I’ve had type 1 for 10 years since i was 38. I’m still figuring out what it means for me but one positive is that it has forced me to be more disciplined and responsible, a much needed improvement in my character! I’ve never felt sorry for myself because this is manageable and life has dealt others much more serious and difficult challenges. As for a cure, I’m not expecting anything soon but I must confess I find it astonishing that there isn’t a cure given the tremendous advances in stem cell research. I hope that soon fewer young people will be faced with diabetes but if they are, they can have no better inspiration than your experience as shared through your posts.

    PS. More snapshots of Mexican life would be great!

  2. yea its not really that bad ae. people always ask me if pricking my finger hurts and stuff like that but its like not anymore. i will e mail you again later 🙂

  3. Claire – you continue to rock the world! I only had diabetes when I was pregnant, however I remember one good thing about that time was that I was eating healthy, sensible, balanced meals. I was very aware of what was going into my body and how my body was using the nutrition. I wish I had that same discipline now!
    I agree, a cure for diabetes must be in reach soon with all the genomic and stem cell research that is going on.
    Claire, you are truly an inspirational leader in the diabetic community. Keep up the great work! Hugs!

  4. Claire–you’re such an upbeat person. I wish I was more like you! Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you focus on the positive. Can I be your friend? Mom

  5. A good thing about diabetes is reading such well-written (and positive) work from such an intelligent and well-spoken young lady! Keep up the fabulous wordsmithing Claire.

  6. Hi Claire. I’ve been reading your Blog since my daughter found it. You have such an awesome outlook on it all.

    If I have one thing to ‘thank’ diabetes for, it’s I now know what a carb is!!!

    I’ve also learnt a lot of things I never thought I would. When you heard people say they had (or know someone) with diabetes, the thoughts would always be…yea yea, how hard can it be? and it’s just watching what you eat, right?…….WRONG!! There was SO much to learn!!! And then Sydney had the whole react to insulin thing happening. It’s a little scary when the doctors are saying stuff like…”ummm….we’ve never seen THAT before!!”
    Over here in little ol’ New Zealand, no-one had had this reaction. It was one of the hardest things my husband and I had to watch our daughter go through.

    I’m pleased she found your blog with your upbeat sense of humor…..Keep it up!!

    Cheers, Janine

  7. Hello there Claire! I’m always impressed by your blog posts, but I like this one especially. I know many adults who still have not learned the “live with what you’ve got” lesson. You’ve learned this life lesson at a younger age than most people. Perhaps that’s another good thing about diabetes . . .

  8. Hey Claire: It’s great to have you here in the blogosphere as part of the ever-growing Diabetes Online Community. You’re so very right about looking at the positive, for a change. We do spend so much time bad-mouthing D, but in the grand scheme of trying to cope and own our diabetes it’s important to see the benefits and how it’s helped us in some ways. I was diagnosed at age five back in 1984, and while times were different it certainly is great to see how we’ve grown and now some of the great things the DOC is allowing us to see can come from Living With Diabetes. Thanks for looking at that positive outlook here, and I’ll look forward to reading more of your blog down the road!

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