Major Change in Diabetic Food Caused Uproars

Yah. I’m being dramatic. But I do have some awesome snack ideas!

It’s sort of a fact that diabetics can’t eat what everybody else can eat. I hate that rumor. Well, I suppose it isn’t a rumor, because it mostly goes for type 2 diabetics, but on some days I just beg for sugar free, or mostly sugar free snacks. Like the days when I’m high and just wont come down. Like last night and today, for instance.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but I’ve been living in Mexico for the past year. In Mexico, they’ve got some pretty crazy, but awesome snacks. For example: They take cucumbers or jimaca or watermelon or honeydew or pineapple or a mixture of all of the above and put salt, lime, and chile on it. Okay, I know that you’re thinking that I’m crazy and that nobody in their right mind would put chile(spicy stuff) on their fruit. But the combination between the sweet and the spicy is very good. I love it.

So this is pretty much a low carb snack, and therefore excellent for high-blood-sugar days. When I’m high and hungry, I usually don’t want to sit still and eat carrots. Give a little twist to your fruits and veggies!


Claire Montgomery
Type 1 Diabetic, Teenage Diabetic Blogger, Mexican Food Lover

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3 thoughts on “Major Change in Diabetic Food Caused Uproars

  1. I love those snacks too. Cucumber w/ chili and lime is a favorite and must have about 5 carbs?

    How many carbs would a bag of fruit w/ chili and salt have?

  2. Yeah, those snacks are REALLY good. do people in the states mix fruits and put lime, chili and salt? anyway, i love your website. even if im not a diabetic. see you monday (;

  3. This is the first I’ve seen of this post, Claire (although I did see the video a while back).
    I can’t wait to get to Mexico and try fruit with salt, lime and chilli!

    See you soon!

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