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Just a heads up.

So I have ‘up and moved’ to Mexico. My parents want my brother and sister and I to learn Spanish and get a culture shock and things like that, so here we are. We’re only living here for the year, but that is more than enough time to get some freakin’ awesome stories.

We live in a town called Bucerias, which is north of Puerto Vallarta. My siblings and I go to school called Colegio Bucerias.

I live right by Puerto Vallarta.

This is just a heads up so when I start putting out stories that all seem to take place in Mexico, you guys are warned.

Oh, and FWI, I don’t speak Spanish yet. Just so you know.

You can read about my Mexico adventures here.


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  1. Nathan

    yay Mexico

  2. Gringa n mexico

    Hi i have a question. I see you have lived in Mexico. I am having horrible issues finding pump supplies here you have any ideas?

  3. Augusta

    I’m not really high of very excellent with English however fall into line this real easygoing to translate.

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